Interview with Pravda columnist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey about Tony Abbott’s ‘shirt-front’ comment

1. Are you a mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin? 
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Well, I am not an official mouthpiece but I would say I represent the feelings of most Russians, yes.

2. Did anyone in the Kremlin authorise your last opinion piece? 

No, they don’t have to. I have been working with the Russian media for many years. I place my pieces directly into Pravda.Ru English version, I have written for Russian foreign ministry publications, I am director of the Portuguese version of Pravda.Ru and place my pieces directly, and never have I been subjected to any restrictions or censorship.

3. Why is Russia so sensitive to Australian’s requests for co-operation regarding Moscow’s role in Ukraine and the downing of MH17?  There is evidence of a Russian missile being used and taken back over the border shortly after the plane came down.

Well, is there? What evidence is that? When that question is answered or not, we can then see why Russia is sensitive.

4. Do you accept that Australia has a right to demand justice over MH17? 

Well, obviously, as Russia has done and did from the beginning.

5. You keep attacking (Australian Prime Minister Tony) Abbott personally, and you seem to take great offence at Mr Abbott’s comments about Mr Putin, are you oversensitive? 

Well to be honest, if someone made those threats to me I’d say bring it on and call the person responsible a shit-faced, pig-headed arrogant piece of crap. The fact that a head of government makes such thuggish statements about a visiting head of state just about puts the perpetrator at the bottom of the pile. So I don’t think I am being over-sensitive. No, in fact I wish I had been more vociferous.

6. Will President Putin come to Australia and what will his message be for Australians? 

Well that’s up to him and his office. There has been no indication he won’t come, and anyway he is going to Australia not to meet Abbott but to participate in the G20 Summit. His preoccupation is economic issues not the infantile and puerile drivel of a wannabe political lightweight.

– Interview by Latika Bourke

Animation: Rocco Fazzari

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